Mav Facilities

The Mavs have both indoor and outdoor training facilities located in the Springfield metro area.

Outdoor Facility

In the fall of 2021, the Midwest Mavs and its growing program moved its outdoor practice opportunities to High Street Church. The Mavs will practice at the four field facility that also features bullpen areas, hitting stations, batting cage, long toss areas and plenty of outdoor space for small group work and drills. The Mavs will work with High Street to enhance the facilities and will also partner with the Church for its Holiday charitable programming in the community. The Mavs are thrilled to grow our outdoor practice opportunities and most excited to work with High Street Church in baseball and other church activities.

High Street Church
900 N Eastgate Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802


Field Improvements to
High Street Baseball

  • Four pallets of Heritage Red Top Dressing (2021)


Indoor Facility

The MAVS of Springfield Baseball Club conducts its Indoor operations from our MAVS Indoor Facility. The facility features all the tools necessary for our ballplayers, including but limited to Rawlings Pitching Machine, Rapsodo technology, and Driveline equipment and tools.

Please check out our training page on the website for a complete listing of all our indoor resources. Of note, the USA Flag that flew over the US Capitol the day of incorporation of the MAVS of Springfield Baseball Club hangs in the indoor facility along with a framed declaration.


MAVS Indoor Facility
1320 E. Commercial Street, A
Springfield, MO  65803


Equipment and Attributes

  • Air Conditioned/Heated Facility
  • Key Fobs for all Members
  • 3 tunnels
  • Indoor Mounds
  • Rawlings Spinball 3 Pitching Machine
  • Rapsodo Hitting Technology and Membership for all players
  • iPads and 49″ monitor for training
  • Ball carts for each lane with 100 baseballs in each lane
  • 3 Hitting Mats
  • L Screens
  • Batting Tee’s
  • J-Bands
  • Driveline Hitting Tools
  • Axe Bat Hitting System
  • Driveline Plyocare
  • TV Monitor to use with PlayMotion
  • Sound System
  • Installation of a pitching machine backdrop
  • The MAVS built a learning lounge with TV’s for training purposes
  • Purchased and installed Rapsodo hitting technology
  • Pocket Radar Coach Radar Gun System
  • Heavy Baseball Trainers for Hitting
  • Mini Baseballs for Infield Work
  • PVC Pipe for Drills
  • Throwing Wall
  • We also have sports subscriptions for the television so parents, siblings, and ballplayers can enjoy sports programming while training or waiting.