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Mercy Injury Hotline

Injury Hotline Details

One of the ways we get to help the Mavericks is by providing an Injury Hotline directly to our board-certified Athletic Trainers at Healthtracks. Here is the process…

1.       Your athlete gets hurt.

2.       **Call HealthTracks at 417-820-5060. Our hours are M-Th 8a-5p and Friday 8a-12:30p.

3.       Please identify yourself as a part of the Midwest Mavericks baseball club.

4.       A certified Athletic Trainer will speak with you about the injury and provide the best options available for treatment.

**Injuries that include obvious deformities (broken bones, dislocations, missing teeth) need to be addressed immediately through your primary care physician or the emergency department. We do not reset bones or provide emergency care at HealthTracks.

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        Mavs Partner with Mercy Sports Medicine

        The Midwest Mavericks and Mercy Sports Medicine have partnered up to provide education and resources for you and your athlete!

        Mercy Sports Medicine desires to be a respected go-to resource for your athlete’s health, wellness, and sports performance. This partnership will provide monthly education regarding overuse and injury prevention, sports performance, the state of youth sports today, and many other topics. We will be available if you need access to medical care by providing a direct line of communication to Mercy Sports Medicine. From there you will become a part of a comprehensive program designed to treat the immediate issue while also educating to prevent future injury.

        If you only know one thing about us, know this; we are here to help. More information on a direct hotline to us will be coming shortly as well as the first round of articles and education. We look forward to this partnership and hope it can grow into something very special with what we feel is a model youth baseball organization.

        Good luck and stay safe!

        From the Mercy Sports Medicine team