Learn about what makes the Mavs baseball club special, where you can find the Mavs, and more information.

"The MAVS organization is dedicated to helping kids learn the game, enjoy the game, and most importantly respect not only the game but their opponent. MAVS kids know there is no substitute for hard work, they show up early, and stay late…because they know that is what excellence demands."

-Mark Stratton, former General Manager US Baseball League, LLC, and former Drury University Head Baseball Coach

“The Midwest Mavericks are a high-quality organization that have been a wonderful partner to Ballparks of America since the day we opened our doors. The MAVS have hosted successful events on our campus and also been successful in our tournaments! We love having their teams play here because they are a club that can play at a high level of competition while also showing great sportsmanship. The organization focuses on the growth of the players, not just as athletes but also as people.”

- Hamilton Chang, Former CEO, Ballparks of America

“I really enjoy hosting organizations like the Midwest Mavericks. They have a high expectation on and off the field for their teams. In return, it makes a tournament director’s job easy to host them.”

- – Mike McKeown, USSSA Arkansas Premier Tournament Director

“Over the years it has been a pleasure watching the MAVS teams. They come to play but have a greater understanding of the game that can be lost in today’s world. The coaches instill life lessons in the players through the game. It shows in every player who comes to win but is still there to pick up a teammate or opponent when needed. They work hard and play harder. Great organization from the top to the bottom. The first tournament that we hosted the MAVS, the organization gave our whole staff MAVS Challenge coins, I still carry it with me daily- superstition, habit, whatever it is…it’s a daily reminder of a great organization and players. “

- – Todd Yancey , General Manger, Elizabethtown Sports Park

“The Mavericks are one of the best run organizations in the Springfield area. In my experience, no organization matches their players’ or coaches’ character and work ethic both on and off the field. I’ve enjoyed my time spent working with them and look forward to seeing their program continue to grow and succeed.”

- – Blake McKnight, former professional baseball pitcher from the St. Louis Cardinals organization

It’s More Than Just Baseball

We recommend to our teams that they conduct a community service project annually – Past teams have served food at The Kitchen, Adopted a Family during the Holiday Season, Volunteered at Convoy of Hope, Raked leaves, and did yard work for seniors.

We believe in improving the field for future generations of ballplayers at our facility with an annual project to enhance the baseball facility and leave a legacy.

Good Players
Make Good Citizens

Baseball builds character, memories and friendships.

“Good Ball Players Make Good Citizens.”

Our MAVS Teams hand out citizenship coins to all umpires, coaches and opponents.

We Travel

We believe in creating an awesome travel baseball experience. We differ from others. Our focus is to experience baseball through competition at varying locations across the region. We go where the competition is!

  • The youth season starts on August 1st.
  • We play tournaments from March through mid-July.
  • We have fall activities and camps included in your fee.
  • Fall Tournaments are at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  • Our winter workouts start in mid-January and go through the first of March.
  • Our player pitch teams typically play between 40 and 60 games consisting of out of town tournaments.
  • Our Coach pitch teams typically play between 25-45 games (pending age level) and these teams do participate in local leagues as well as travel.
  • The season will conclude with your team’s World Series in July.

We will make every effort to select our teams as soon as possible after tryouts. The process will be as follows:

  1. You will receive an email offer of acceptance for a spot on a roster
  2. You will have a designated time frame to respond to accept the spot
  3. Upon acceptance, you will receive by email with paperwork and instructions
  4. Your Deposit will be due in order to complete your acceptance to the team
  5. Should you not make the team, you will also receive an email

No team activities are allowed until the fee deposit is paid.

Please note, the process can move rather quickly or it can be delayed pending the response rate of the selected families. We will do everything to expedite the process on our end.

At the conclusion of all team formulations, we will host an all-club parent meeting and signing day event, where the Mavs signs a “player agreement” to play baseball by the MAVS 101 Ways.

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